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  AGRIFUMAX® products have been in the market for over 30 years. They include fertilizers for all kind of grounds and for all different cultivation needs, both in traditional and in organic agriculture. Thanks to the high flexibility and technology of the production process we can perform aimed formulations at particular agronomic requirements, even for small quantities.

The organic substance present in all AGRIFUMAX® formulations takes its origin in first-rate and properly treated raw materials. The cold pelleting process guarantees the AGRIFUMAX® 's product quality since the chemical characteristics of each component are not modified. In this way the finished product has a very high agronomic value.

The three independent lines which produce pellets have an overall production capacity of more than 30 tons per hour and allow multiple products at the same time. The small pellet diameter (up to 4 mm) and the low moisture content of finished products permit an easy and quick distribution of the fertilizer, also with the traditional spreaders.

Recently we have introduced a new special formulation, called “crumbled”, which permit not only the use of the fertilizer in case of precise application but also a quicker melting of the same, all to the good of the culture and of the environment.
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