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The plant of the AGRIFUMAX® products is located in centre of the Po Valley where the provinces of Mantua, Brescia and Cremona cross each other and inside the natural park of Oglio river.

This area is full of farms and allows a constant supply of the precious natural organic matrices, that are at the basis of the production of most of our fertilizers.

All production phases take place inside the plant. A close attention is paid to the selection of the raw materials, both of organic and of mineral origin. We only use first choice components in order to ensure both the absolute quality from the agronomic point of view and the indicated titles. We especially take care of the manures’ fermentation phase. In our plant the manures undergo a completely natural maturation and drying up process, which allows us to obtain a microbiologically active product, rich of humic and fulvic acids and totally free of nematodes and pathogens.

The cold pelleting process guarantees the AGRIFUMAX® 's product quality since the chemical characteristics of each component are not modified. In this way the finished product has a very high agronomic value. The three independent lines which produce pellets have an overall production capacity of more than 30 tons per hour and allow multiple products at the same time. The small pellet diameter (up to 4 mm) and the low moisture content of finished products permit an easy and quick distribution of the fertilizer, also with the traditional spreaders.

The high level of automation of our packaging machines and the flexibility of our production process let you have all products available both in heat-sealed sacks of 25 or 30 Kg and in sturdy big bags of 500 Kg.

AGRIFUMAX® products have been in the market for over 30 years. They include fertilizers for all kind of grounds and for all different cultivation needs, both in traditional and in organic agriculture. Thanks to the high flexibility and technology of the production process we can perform aimed formulations at particular agronomic requirements, even for small quantities.

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